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About Raquel

Raquel is a Peruvian/Venezuelan writer living in south Florida with her husband and five children. She has experience in academics as a teacher and tutor, and also in the creatives sphere as a photographer, content creator and small shop owner selling custom designed bookmarks.

She enjoys writing fantasy and contemprory novels with characters that look like her and live in worlds steeped with culture.

If you find her on social media, say hello!

Their Will Undone

R.J. Valldeperas’s THEIR WILL UNDONE, in which an Inca girl imprisoned in a priestess temple is summoned to the palace by an unexpected marriage proposal to the emperor himself, and must contend with both his infuriatingly handsome right-hand man and the dark magic growing inside her - and ultimately decide whether she’ll be a bride, or a weapon, to Karen Chaplin at Quill Tree, in a good deal, at auction, in a two-book deal, for publication in 2025, by Melanie at Root Literary (NA)

Rights: heather@barorint.com



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